"I got some of ur products without knowing what to think .... what can I say now ... my life is finally the way I want it .. sl and rl. Thank you"   --Ricard Collas

" I love the idea of your jewelery I bought a love charmed necklace once and I am convinced it bought me my love at last after only having it for a few weeks :) " ~Sigourney farman

" My dear witch Mona, she is willing to offer  her special gift with her clients. Her experience and wisdom make her readings realistic and clear. Her readings are true and she isn't afraid to expose the truth either. Her spiritual guidance has uplifted my soul and cleared many emotional turmoils.  She is fair and kind, I can think of no other better individual to approach if you want to rekindle your life, or discover the unknown. "  ~MM

"The first day I met Mona was almost 7 years ago.
I was with my SL daughter, whom has now passed away in RL. We were looking for some Meditation candles and a few other magical items to set up for seance's . When I found out she did that on SL I decided to ask her to perform one at my place to feel the piece of mind with my RL mother whom has been passed away since 2006. It sure made me feel my RL mother's presence and the  seance went very well.
After that she and I have been great friends since on SL and taken friendship farther to Facebook as good friends. I feel like we have been knowing each other for more than 7 years and more than friendship i grew to love her like a sister.  You are the greatest  Mona hugs and love ya like a sister. Love Always,"" 
AJ :D​

Julie M. Perkins A.K.A. Monavie Voight

The reiki radiating from Julie/Mona's hands brings a sense of peace for the client, which she passes on during the reading, and bestows the added bonus of gentle, healing Reiki energy. Julie/Mona is a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki master and a Seichim master which is an ancient Egyptian healing energy.

Julie/Mona's clientele include souls from all walks of life and from the young to those who have been with us a very long time. She has hosted psychic fairs which included guest speakers such as Ralph Blum, world-renowned author of “The Book of Runes”, along with a variety of readers, vendors, and entertainers.

She wrote a biweekly prediction column for Indiana University of South Bend’s paper, “Preface” where she shared with the students what the week would bring to their life in the way of preparing for tests, social events and working with their professors based upon planetary influences. Adept with Feng Shui, Julie/Mona has assisted clients to align their physical surroundings and was featured on the FOX television show, “Good Day, New York.’ She also worked with several clients in Manhattan, New York, to improve their business layouts.

Julie/Mona is a Sephardic, Numerologist, Astrologer, an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church and The Church of Spiritual Humanism, and she is an honorary Doctor of Divinity. She was the Vice President of the Astrology Association of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and editor of their newsletter, Beyond Astrology and progressed to become the publisher of her own creation, “New Age Studies”, a monthly publication with a variety of articles about all aspects of Life. She was the founder of New Age Studies Universal Center and served on the Board of Directors and was a volunteer instructor. She also donated additional time and her desktop publishing, sales, and marketing skills to the center. 

Julie/Mona has been an online internet reader for America Online’s "Astronet"™, a reader on Keen™ and also on Oranum.com. She was a reader in Salem, Massachusetts one year during the city’s world-famous ‘Haunted Happenings.’ Julie/Mona is currently active in Second Life™ online 3D virtual world where she does tarot readings, spell workings and séances for clients around the world in virtual settings she creates.