About Me

I am a professional psychic medium and spiritual crafter at heart. I provide first-hand knowledge of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual awareness through my services and classes which cover a wide variety of fields within the new age and metaphysical area.

I use a very different approach to my tarot readings in that I personalize the interpretations of the lines, colors, and symbols in the cards to bring my clients a reading that offers an accurate mirror of their inner and outer worlds, which empowers them to make choices which may bring them a clearer direction for their life. Combining my studies in Magi Astrology® and both the Pythagorean and the Chaldean numerology systems used with the tarot, my readings are insightful and informative on many levels.

I was adopted at one year of age, when my 29 Aquarius in Mars progressed to Pisces, by two wonderful parents who were very religious. I was raised in the Lutheran religion and wanted to be a bible translator when I grew up. While I've grown beyond organized religion, I am fulfilling that dream by translating and sharing true spiritual insight with others literally around the world in my online readings and consultations with clients through virtual settings we can create for tarot, seances, gatherings, and consultations.