•  Improvisational Theatre - This is a form of acting in which the actors and actresses perform without a script and act spontaneously. Sometimes there are a group of props to use randomly or there may be no props at all and it is up to the actor/actress to convince the audience that they are using something that isn't really there as demonstrated through the dramatic form of mime. Utilizing the tool of improvisational acting greatly improves the meta-physician student's power to bring success to any endeavor that requires the techniques of creative visualization and the power of manifestation. The basis of both of these techniques is the ability to be able to "visualize" or "pretend to be" until the desired outcome actually manifests. The art of improvising is useful in learning to focus and to trust your instincts. In a scene where anything could happen, an actor must be able to keep their concentration on the scene at all times, even in a difficult situation, to see the scene through to completion. There will be individual and group work using various types of improvisation and mime. Prerequisite - having successfully completed the Creative Visualization workshop.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Taoist traditional art of arranging your home, office, business or landscaping for health, happiness, and prosperity. This is not a philosophical discussion of how or why Feng Shui works, but a hands-on working course that will teach you how to make the changes you want.

  • Interior Design - This course will instruct you on how to make real changes to your own living or working environment in order to bring about the love, prosperity, good health and positive chi' that you wish to create. The focus of this course is on the interior of your home or business and in making immediate changes to your living or working environment.
  • Landscaping - This course will pick up where Interior Design left off and instruct you how to use the Feng Shui techniques to not only create a lovely scenic layout but also one that will protect the home and  your family and help to increase the overall prosperity, wealth, health and communication for the inhabitants of your home or business. Prerequisite: having successfully completed the Feng Shui - Interior Design course.

I want to be there for those who wish to investigate what is out there waiting to be discovered. Your broadminded view is unfolding and shall continue to be strengthened. My classes are where knowledge may be shared in order to expand your existence to encompass all that is. I encourage the evolution of individuals who are unprejudiced with this kind of information. I offer support to those who will be able to utilize the accumulated information and apply it to further your own wisdom and distinguish if it has a purpose in your life's plan.      ~Mona

  • Beginning Tarot
  • Working With a Pendulum
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Feng Shui - Interior Design
  • Feng Shui - Landscaping​
  • Creative Visualization
  • Improvisational Theatre
  • Beginning Tarot - Learn to read any tarot deck or even a regular deck of playing cards without a book! This course is designed to assist with your psychic development to read the cards instead of relying on memorizing the material someone else has written by paying attention to your own feelings about colors and shapes and using your own life experiences. You will learn how to create your own tarot spreads for different types of readings. The specific tools will be provided during the class for each session. Come and have fun while you learn to read the tarot! No previous experience is necessary.
  • Working With A Pendulum - Pendulum dowsing or divining is a technique that has been used for centuries. As a dowsing tool, the pendulum was used to locate water, gold, oil and other minerals. As a tool for divination, it is used to predict future events and to provide information. It is a system that can be used anywhere, at any time. You simply ask a question and in a few seconds, you will receive an answer that you will clearly understand. You will learn how to chose, cleanse, program and test a pendulum for accuracy; to test energy around you and evaluate your surroundings using the pendulum; to use the pendulum to choose items such as crystals, menu items, jewelry, books, groceries, etc.; how to locate items; how to find lost items, and how to use a pendulum with a map. There will be a field trip to find an item by using a map and a pendulum. No previous experience is necessary.
  • Dream Interpretation - Learn one of the greatest techniques for interpreting your dreams. This special system was first taught at the Indiana University of South Bend in the middle 1990's where I received my certification. Many dreams take the form of symbols and it is in the interpretation of these symbols that you uncover the true meaning of your dreams. There isn't any book that can tell you what your symbols mean to you, only you can unlock this hidden wisdom from within yourself. This technique is designed to assist you in opening up this locked part of your conscience. Ten minutes of the workshop will be a guided meditation. No previous experience is necessary.
  • Creative Visualization - This is a workshop which is also based on a class taught at the Indiana University of South Bend in the middle 1990's from where I received my certification. You will learn how to master the art of visualization in order to create what you want for your life in the way that you want it. By simply imagining what your goal is, as if it were already yours, is something that you can do at any time and place. It is a natural way for you to manifest your desires. The workshop will begin with fifteen minutes of guided meditation. No previous experience is necessary. Textbook/workbook purchase required.

All classes and workshops are currently being offered within the Second Life®  virtual world. Join today and come to the classes in a virtual world setting!

​Using SL voice is required for participation in these courses and workshops.

Class and Workshop Descriptions:
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